Before you upgrade to the Iphone 11 or Samsung 10+.

No matter how many features or bells and whistles an Iphone 11 pro, Samsung Note 10+, DSLR or mirrorless camera has, you still have to learn how to shoot.

A Camera will never be able to Create, it can only Capture. Period

If you want to learn how to take better pictures of the things that are important to you than you won't want to miss the opportunity.

What we as pro photographers and image makers know is although these features are good, they only work 90% of time. It is the 10% of the time when you need it most is when all of those bells and whistles will seem useless.

For Example

Your son or daughter are playing in the little league game and you notice the amazing moment is about to happen.

You reach for your phone and or camera, select the sport or burst feature. You point, aim and fire. You may have even captured 6-10 images of that moment.

When you go back to look at the images. They are all blurry. None of the images are even remotely good enough to share or keep as a keep sake.

Camera Basics and Shooting Basics are two different things.

If you want to lear how to take better pictures than you will need intentional.

I am hosting a virtual camera basics crash course.

In this class you will learn:

1. How to shoot with more control and finally come off of automatic. 2. Simple ways to capture tack sharp images so that your pictures don't look blurry. 3. When to use your mobile device versus using dslr to get the best result. 4. Pro Photographer secrets to capturing perfect angles in seconds. 5. Pro Editing tips that you can do directly from your cell phone photo editing plateform that will enhance your images with out making your images look over filtered.

Camera Manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and others have done an amazing job making you think that the portrait feature on your iphone is the end all be all.

The below images where shot behind the scenes during a workshop with World Renowned Wedding Cinematographer Ray Roman.

I did not have my pro camera with me. All I had was my cell phone. I used what I had to capture what I needed to capture.

To learn the basics of photography is to learn the camera and to learn how to shoot.

Here is your chance. Jan 4th 2020, join me from the comfort of your home.

Book your ticket here.

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